CICG in the Species Link database

In August, data of all fungal accesses of CICG was incorporated into the Species Link database at the Reference Center on Environmental Information (CRIA). The Species Link is a collaborative network that includes the participation of hundreds of biological collections with the aim of giving access to anyone who is interested in data kept in biological collections.

A database was created in Microsoft Access containing information for each fungal access at CICG. The database contains four main fields: Taxonomy, Data Collection, Environmental Characteristics and Biogeographic Information. Not all information entered in the Microsfot Access will appear in the Species Link, but they can be obtained upon request to the CICG curator.

Incorporation of CICG fungal acess information in the Species Link also accomplish one of the goals of a research proposal aproved on the MCT/CNPq 45/2012 - Information System on Brazilian Biodiversity (SiB-Br) - Biological Collections. The information will also be available in the SiB-Br system soon.

To access the pages of the CRIA and Species Link and look for information of fungal accession of CICG click (