About Brazil


About Brazil

You can here, know more about Brazil, Santa Catarina State and Blumenau City.

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About Brazil
Brazil, situated in South America, is divided into 26 states and five regions: North, Northeast, Centre-West, Southeast, South. With a total population of 190 million people distributed in an area of 8,5 million km˛.

Presidential and democratic government.

Official language: Portuguese. There are approximately 70 million students divided at 2000 Basic Education schools (primary to secondary) and students in college.

See website http://www.braziltour.com.
Also http://www.youtube.com/user/visitbrasil

About Santa Catarina

Santa Catarina State, situaded in South Brazil, has a population of 6 million people distributed in an area of 95 km˛.

In the XIX and XX centuries received immigrants of many countries, in particular, from: Germany, Italy, Polanyi, Portugal, and Austria. This state has beautiful environment (beaches, mountains), large and small towns, as well as historical and religious places.

See website http://www.santur.sc.gov.br/

About Blumenau
Blumenau is in the State of Santa Catarina, in the South of the Brazil.

It is a tourist town with approximately 350 thousand inhabitants, close to the coast (40 km to the east) and the mountains (40 km to the west).

German immigrants came to this region in the final 1800s and initial, and due to this, maintain some German traditions as well as traditional German architecture, especially in the city centre.

See http://www.blumenau.com.br

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