About Cremm


About Cremm

You can here, know more about the Reference Center of Mathematical Modeling for Teaching.

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About Brazilian Community in Modelling and CREMM
Mathematical modelling in Brazilian education has as references: Aristides C. Barreto, Ubiratan D’Ambrosio, Rodney C. Bassanezi.

As we have record, Barreto was the first in Brazil to make experiences with modelling for education, to advise the first two master’s thesis (1976 and 1979) in this area, to represent Brazil in national and international conferences with works in the area and to publish his works in journals and annals.

D’Ambrosio, besides being an important international representative, in the 1970s coordinated events and projects that propelled the generation of several subareas in Mathematical Education, including Modelling.

Bassanezi, one of the greatest enthusiasts, disseminated Modelling and accomplished many followers by teaching in continuous education programs and coordinating post graduation programs in several institutions of almost all Brazilian states. Among these followers, I find myself in since 1986.

Thanks to these precursors, discussions about how it is possible to propose a mathematical model and how it is possible to teach math simultaneously allowed the emergence of a research area called Mathematical Modelling in the Brazilian teaching.

At present, there are references to Mathematical Modelling in education official documents, what led to curricular reformulations and pedagogical proposals. Driven forward by these proposals, several municipal and state governments have promoted continuous development programs for teachers.

Equally, several teacher education programs in Math have sought to insert Modelling as a course in the curriculum. Furthermore, biannually, National Conferences on Modelling for Mathematical Education take place, since 1999, as well as State Conferences in three Brazilian states.

CREMM has identified, up to the present moment, academic works (doctoral dissertations and master’s theses), published articles in annals and specialized journals.

About Cremm
The interest in creating the Reference Center of Mathematical Modeling for Teaching – CREMM stems from a series of data gathered throughout my path in Mathematical Modelling since 1986.

The research projects under my supervision, besides diverse productions, have allowed me to own a significant collection of works about Mathematical Modelling in Education. This precious collection, also made of dozens and dozens of correspondence that I receive, monthly, requesting didactic materials, research papers, publications and guidelines about modelling, has instigated me to create, in the year 2006, the Reference Center of Mathematical Modeling for Teaching – CREMM (http://www.furb.br/cremm).

CREMM aims at being a Research Center with international cooperation, integrated to several Research Centers in the area. It aims at holding information archives in the area - national and international such as books, academic works (monographs, dissertations, theses), articles in publications and journals as well as making available at CREMM's website abstracts of materials and authors for consulting and guiding requests.

In addition, it aims at promoting distance seminars and courses, at publishing informative bulletins and editting a specialized journal; publishing books with the results of works developed by professors and researchers in cooperation.

These intentions have been reached gradually. The abstracts are available, periodically informative bulletins are elaborated and forwarded to the ones who might be interested (inform@cremm).

Since 2008, a distance course has been promoted to teachers. In the year 2009, two online journals were launched: Journal of Modeling and Mathematical Applications http://www.furb.br/modelling

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