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This ICTMA aims at integrating mathematicians, teachers, students and researchers from the area of Mathematical Modelling and Applications in Education and professionals from different areas interested in the interaction between mathematics and other fields of knowledge for the teaching of students at any period of schooling. In addition to promoting integration, this issue aims at propitiating communication and discussion about studies and experiences and identifying relevant strategies and operational guidelines to the practice of teaching in Mathematical Modelling and Applications. This Conference brings together international experts in a variety of fields as well as post-graduate students and regional teachers and students of Basic Education. It considers:

     - Modelling and applications with respect to environmental issues, health, industry and workplace business issues;
     - Pedagogical issues for teaching and learning;
     - Applications at different levels of schooling and in tertiary education;
     - Research into teaching and practice;
     - Innovative practices in research, teaching and practice;
     - Influences of technology; and
     - Assessment in schools and universities.

This academic event will involve dynamic open participation: plenary lectures, parallel lectures, panel discussion, symposium, two sessions of Brazilian scientific communications, and moments for socialization. There will also be space for special meetings.

Plenary Lectures will be given by guest researchers. There will be five plenary lectures, one at the event opening, the night of July 14, and the remaining four, in the mornings from Monday to Thursday, for a period of two hours.

The invited speakers are Ubiratan D'Ambrosio (Brazil), Henry Pollak (USA), Mogens Niss (Denmark), Rodney C. Bassanezzi (Brazil) and Gabriele Kaiser (Germany). At each plenary lecture a young researcher will introduce the lecturer and will make a counterpoint or will point out future perspectives of the field of modelling and applications in mathematics education. The young researchers, respectively, are: Rita Borromeo (Germany), Jhony Alexander Villa Ochoa (Colombia), Susana Carreira (Portugal) and Jussara de Loiola Araújo (Brazil).

Panel Discussion will take place on the last day of the event, as a closure. It will be led by three researchers invited to address the theme of ICTMA - Mathematical Modelling: history and future prospects – and a young researcher who will make a counterpoint to the researchers. The invited speakers are Gloria Stillmann (Australia), Helen Doerr (USA), Werner Blum (Germany), and Jonas Bergman Ärlebäck as young researcher.

Parallel Lectures consist of concluded studies presented orally. In these sessions there will be some invited researchers and researchers may also submit proposals. The acceptance of proposals is under the responsibility of the International Scientific Committee.

Brazilian Sessions promote the exhibition of Brazilian research. There will be two sessions in two days. The first session involves the Math Fair and the second, works from research groups of teachers and undergraduate and post-graduate students.

(1st) Math Fair: Basic education students will present their studies, most of which involve modelling and/or applications. The Math Fairs occur for almost 30 years in Santa Catarina State, under the coordination of professor Vilmar J. Zermiani, from FURB. The works are first presented in school fairs, and the chosen works participate in a regional fair and then the chosen ones in the State fair.

(2nd) Works from research groups of teachers and undergraduate and post-graduate students will show their studies in poster format. Brazil has a significant number of research groups and researchers in Mathematical Modelling and Applications for Education. There are national events, since 1999, and state events in three states.

Symposium will take place in one afternoon. It involves a showcase of projects and programs of teaching and research. The acceptance of proposals is under the responsibility of the International Scientific Committee.

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