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O Programa de Pós-Graduação em Administração - PPGAD está oferecendo a seguinte iniciativa interdisciplinar destinada a alunos de todos os programas de pós-graduação da FURB e alunos intercâmbistas. Chama-se International Program on Emerging Economies, este programa é coordenado pelo professor Mohamed Amal, para mais informações sobre este programa entre em contato diretamente com o prof. Mohamed Amal no e-mail: amal@furb.br ou ainda na secretaria do PPGAD fone: +55 47 3321-0285


International Program on Emerging Economies

Objective of the Program:

The objective of this new initiative is to contribute to the internationalization of the graduation programs in our University. More specifically to promote an educational environment for our Master and PhD students under the supervision and coordination of our professors to develop their researches on the international level. We also target with our new program to offer several courses for Master and PhD students from our partner universities abroad. We expect to develop and advance our international cooperation by promoting joint academic activities on the teaching and research levels.
The courses are tailed to discuss specific topics related to globalization, education, entrepreneurship and innovation under the perspective of emerging economies. We expect with this approach to promote specific investigation topics that seek to advance theoretical and empirical assessments on globalization, international integration, as well local questions that may advance our understanding of Brazil and merging economies. 


We organize a general program of courses in English that cover the following topics:
 Innovation and firms’ strategies in emerging economies / Luciano Carvalho, Giancarlo Gomes
 Marketing and consumer behavior in emerging economies: research in marketing in emerging economies / Gerson Tontini
 Corporate Social Responsibility in emerging economies     
 Environmental management and public policies in emerging economies